We would like to welcome you to Lease Your Body, a revolutionary way of advertising! Our Participants agree to wear temporary tattoos (logos) supplied by Advertisers. By doing so, YOU can earn BIG $$$$$.In exchange, Advertisers (companies) can gain novel exposure for their business. Register and please remember to TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!

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***A promoter works to find advertisers, if you would like to wear a tattoo for $$$  please click here***

Why Should I become a Promoter?

The most simple answer is MONEY. As a promoter, your income is limitless and will reflect the work and dedication to your task. As a promoter, you will work on commission locating advertisers to place logos on our participants. With every successful contract, you will receive 8% of the participant's fee

As an example, if a contract is $1000, you will receive $80 cash for your services once the contract is complete. If the advertiser you refer signs ten contract for $1000, you will receive $800 cash. You can see how quickly this money can add up

As a Promoter it will be your responsibility to tell the advertiser to put in your registered username so you can get credit for the contract. We encourage you to make business cards (with your username) and go out locally (restaurants, bars, shops) to find advertisers. Additionally, you are welcome to go online, as the advertisers you locate can be from anywhere within the US and Canada. We suggest that you visit our Forum where you can share tips and suggestions with other promoters

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Click Here to Find Out How to Become a Promoter and Earn $$$ on Business Provided to Lease Your Body
Congratulations to Sarah Dee! She has been chosen to wear the first temporary tattoo.
Click on her picture to see her profile. And don't forget to visit the Forum to read about her experiences!
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