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             Meyli Yu
      City / State / Zip
             Bethesda  /  MD  /  20817
      Forehead / Neck / Upper Arm / Fore Arm
             $ 5000 /  $ 1200 /  $ 600 /  700
      Hands / Tummy / Lower Back
             $ 300 /  $ 600 /  $ 600
      I am a Good Candidate Because

         I've been modeling for about two years now. I have a rapidly growing online fan club of currently 1570 members and a website ( I go clubbing every week in skimpy outfits and dance on the stage or the bar. I also model at carshows almost every weekend (starting in the summer) which are attended by thousands of avid car fanatics. I am always the center of attention because I am exotic and sweet. :)
      The Kind of Exposure I Can Provide

         The advertiser will have maximum exposure by me because I am a social butterfly.
      My Restrictions

         I will not wear any tattooes that look stupid or are degrading.
      I Will Promote Your Company By

         I will tell those who are asking all the pertinent information concerning the product or service.
      Why I Should be Chosen Over Someone Else

         I am an exotic Asian model with a brain.
      Other Info

         This may prove to be a risky endeavor, but I like to live life dangerously.
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Congratulations to Sarah Dee! She has been chosen to wear the first temporary tattoo.
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