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             Leanne Scanlon
      City / State / Zip
             Chicago  /  IL  /  60609
      Forehead / Neck / Upper Arm / Fore Arm
             $ 5000 /  $ 2000 /  $ 1000 /  1000
      Hands / Tummy / Lower Back
             $ 1500 /  $ 2000 /  $ 2000
      I am a Good Candidate Because

         I work two jobs in Chicago's trendiest areas. One, which I am part owner of and am at 6 days is one of Chicago's newest clothing stores for men and women. I have a ton of foot traffic in and out of the shop, and can also display other promotional and ad stuff on a community table at the very front of my store. The second job is bartending in one of the trendiest late nightclubs in Chicago. We have over 1,000 people in and out on a saturday night. I am actually there 4 nights a week. I will also pass out palm cards or promotional material there. Great Exposure. I have a public online journal and three public online photo albums. I can put your .jpegs and ad info on them. I am also in the process of modeling for a pin up site membership, in which I will post pictures of me in your swag with your tattoo, and feature you on my photohosting membership page. There is a lot of traffic on this site including, PICTURES: 56,455 ARTICLES: 5,092 COMMENTS: 8,495,028 I am the kind of person who gets looked at. I recently shaved my head for a children's cancer research charity. I was able to raise about $1,000 in donations for their cause and I was asked to be their female rep. I was featured on the news for being the only girl to do it. I have a way of grabbing people's attention, and have always been that way. I sometimes feel like I have a charmed life. Maybe or maybe not. At any rate amazing things happen to me.
      The Kind of Exposure I Can Provide

         up in the air, what do you want?
      My Restrictions

         Within reason none. i do not want to wear anything too offensive to race, gender and political or religious views.
      I Will Promote Your Company By

         Again within reason, how they want me to.
      Why I Should be Chosen Over Someone Else

         I'm an attractive bald girl often dealing with the public. I am outgoing and funny. I get a lot of attention, and can use it for your benefit!!
      Other Info

         I am broke, trying to pay for my car to get fixed, and my taxes. Let's help each other!
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Congratulations to Sarah Dee! She has been chosen to wear the first temporary tattoo.
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